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Semantic tagging

Fist, the examples:

So what's this?

This is about applying the idea of faceted navigation to tagging. If you have a look at my del.icio.us links, you will find tags consisting of a prefix, a colon and a suffix like is:quicklink, project:ilm or via:papascott. Buzzword: structured tagging. Rainer Wasserfuhr is playing with similar things. Now let's build facet:topic-style tags: a facet is a perspective from which to look at a data pool or a characteristic of an item, e.g. company, kind of industry, location or site name, a topic a facet's value like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich (location-facet). Now let's query for intersections of tags describing different facets, and voila: the power of faceted navigation combined with the freedom of a tagging. Buzzword: semantic tagging. Above is a simple proof of concept in del.icio.us. I will use this kind of faceted navigation in my photobase. In a later posting: tool requirements and vocabulary issues.

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