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The Coalition of the Billing

Once more I point your attention to Jon Robb's excellent new blog Global Guerillas in which he does not only talk about complex networks in the context of terrorism and counter-terrorism, but also extensively covers a somewhat new industry that flourishes below the radar of the public: Private Military Corporations or PMCs, with 10-15,000 mercenaries drawn from Delta, Seals, SAS and other elite forces the second largest allied force in Iraq, highly paid, quickly growing and basically uncontrolled.

2004-04-09: Mercenaries Unbound >
2004-04-11: A Corporate Superpower? >

P. W. Singer's War, Profits, and the Vacuum of Law: Private Military Firms and International Law (PDF link) provides an overview of the current state of legal oversight of PMCs. By the same author, The Rise and Ramifications of the Privatized Military Industry gives a higher-level overview of this business (as of 2001/2002). Loosely coupled: Eamonn Fitzgerald points to The Mesopotamian, who blogs from inside Iraq and wants to "bring one more Iraqi voice of the silent majority to the attention of the world." The Spartacus blogs has a list of more Iraqi bloggers.

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